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Storage Tips

Wrap delicate or valuable items in bubble wrap or wrapping paper. A full selection of packing materials in available in out office.

Pack heavier items in smaller boxes and lighter items in larger boxes.

Store mattresses flat. Ask our manager to show you our selection of mattress covers for added protection.

Use Wardrobe Boxes and dehumidifiers when storing clothing. This will help prevent mildew buildup when storing for extended periods of time.

Label Everything!

In larger storage units, Pack your items strategically by creating a "hallway" down the middle. This will make accessing items in the back of the unit much easier.

Use furniture to store smaller items! Fill drawers and chests with your belongings to take advantage of extra space.

When storing motorized items, drain all fluids (like motor oil and gasoline) before storing.

Be sure to polish wood surfaces before storing.

When storing files, stack and organize them for easy access.

Use specialized boxes. Did you know we carry boxes for everything, from your wardrobe to electronics to dishes?

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